8 for Vegas Update

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Hi all,

So, upfront I’m going to tell you that I’m not going to be posting 8 for Vegas updates here any longer. I shall be posting them to my production company blog, here.

But, since we just started production, I thought I’d give this blog a final showing.

We started last weekend, and had a lot of fun. We had some bumps in the road during the last three months, and we’re just sorry we couldn’t get you all episodes sooner, but we’re back on track!

Here’s where we’re at.

First, here are two videos you may or may not have seen. One is a teaser, and the other is a production update:

Fun, right?

Yesterday, Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting not one, not two, but THREE donors to our Indiegogo campaign. It was unreal! I met Max, Ron, and Stuart. Three great guys who said nothing but nice things about our series. It was such a huge boost, I can’t even begin to tell you.

So, to those three guys and, of course, to everyone who donated money, thank you!

We have free pool on Sundays, from 11am to 4pm, so, please, come on by! You don’t have to speak any dialog, or be on camera, just be background, or just hang out!

Yesterday was a fun shoot. We got through the entirety of episode 2, which is awesome. We have about 5 more shoots between now and the end of October, so, check out our Facebook page for our shoot days, and join us!

I would love to give you all a couple of production shots from yesterday’s shoot, but it would give too much away.

Check the Words From Here blog for more updates! Thanks very much for reading.



Spending money

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I bought the first of many pieces of equipment today for the 8 for Vegas shoot. I figure, why not be transparent.

The first thing I bought was one of these:

I just couldn’t concentrate without one, and I figure it’s one of the only things that really commands respect on a set.

Then I bought two practical pieces of equipment. One is called a reflector. What this does is… wait for it… reflects light.

So, we were renting what’s called a DP lighting kit, a single Lowell light kit, 1000w bulb that basically floods the entire pool room with light. They also had these flood lights on top of their ceilings that were movable, thank god. The problem is, occassionally, since we can only use one DP light, we got some heavy shadows on the left side of the actors (right side on screen). We worked around it, but with the reflector we’ll be able to softly push some light towards the shadowed faces.

The second thing I bought, which wasn’t halfway as neat as that, was a new tripod case. With the boom pole and the white umbrella (for some light diffusion), I was running out of space and had to buy something a bit larger than I’d originally purchased with the tripod.

I was looking to get a windshield for the Rode NTG-3 mic, but it’s $60, and I figure I’ll see if I can find something a bit cheaper. Might not work… what the windshield does (which is also called a ‘deadcat’) is remove wind noise from the sound. They’re furry things.

Let’s see. What else? I have to get some hard drives. Two, to be exact. And… that may be it.

So, we’re on our way! Most everything else will be rented. The purchase prices of so much of that equipment can be enormous, but the reflector, the deadcat… those you purchase.

I’m hard at work writing episodes. It’s going well. I’ll keep you all posted as we move closer to production!

All the best,


It’s 12:36am, and in just over a day, our fundraiser will be kaput.

We’ve raised $974. Not too shabby. It’s more money than we raised last year, which is great.

Here’s the link if you haven’t had a chance to head over: http://igg.me/p/80380?a=156784

We’ve got some great plans for season 2. Also, some new characters and a fantastic season finale that I’m sure you’ll love.

Here’s a little short film we shot as a thank you to some of the $100 donors who aren’t in the area for their pool lessons:

Hope you like it!

Any donation to the second season of 8 for Vegas would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Hell, I don’t know what # update we’re on, but 57 is a nice round prime number.

It’s Saturday, March 31st, and just one day ago we were at $250 on our fundraiser.

I post this sad sack of an update, and look at all the goddamn sympathy money that’s come in!

We’re now at $550. Woohoo!

Not to mention, we’re getting some kick ass comments and reviews from people who are actually NOT related to me. Here, check them out.

Nice, right? Well, I’ll tell you, those comments, the money coming in… they were the shot in the arm I needed to start writing 8 for Veg –

I mean, they were the shot in the arm I needed to get even more excited. And more bourbon.

I’ll be both updating my website, my facebook page, and my other social media craziness with donors who have helped the project move forward. We really appreciate all of the support, truly.

Thanks, and I’ll have another update soon!

John Painz

Hey all,

So, we received our first $100! Awesome. We also received, jokingly, a post about our fundraiser on AZBilliards forum.

From: cycopath

Contribution made.

I like what you are doing. It’s funny, entertaining and it pertains to pool.

P.s. If this is a scam, I will hunt you down and break your thumbs à la Fast Eddie Felson.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Fast Eddie is, or what happened to his thumbs… look it up!

So, in response, and since I have to update my fundraising campaign regularly, I made this short video:

Not sure if I posted this earlier, but I also wrote an article on the creation of “8 for Vegas.” I have submitted the article to a couple of pool magazines. Let’s hope it gets picked up! If not, I’ll share it in a future blog post… though, if you’ve been reading, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

Thanks for reading, and for your support!


Our fundraiser!

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Well, there it is. Right there, on the left hand of this screen. Our fundraiser button.

You can click that button and go straight to our indiegogo.com campaign.

We’re looking to raise $2,000 for season 2 of 8 for Vegas. It’s funny, I’ve been saying it and writing it and I’m plum exhausted. I’m repeating myself.

We’ve already received our first two donations from family members. Super nice of them. After a week, I’ll get to thanking people. I also need to create some new content for the updates on indiegogo. I keep wanting to put up photos and blog posts and just keep writing about the second season until someone donates money, and then I’ll keep going.

But I have to pace myself. It’s going to be a long month.

Coming up with the incentives, or perks, was difficult. The reason is… we don’t have much to offer at present, except for a great second season of a web series. So, I did what I could for people in the New York City area, so that they could not only have some fun during the production, but really help out and become part of the process.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for tuning in and for your support, monetary or otherwise. We really appreciate it!


Hi all!

After a long, hard battle I…


Hi all!

It’s a nice lazy Sunday and I’m at Wholefoods, finalizing the fundraising campaign that is launching tomorrow. We’re all psyched about season 2. I’m looking forward to getting this campaign up and running.

We have the majority of our cast returning, which is awesome. One person we know who won’t be returning is Maebe Cringen, who played Jennifer. That’s too bad, but she’s studying to become a lawyer and her LSATs are in June, so, she just has to buckle down. We wish her the best!

Also, we may be losing Nicole Poole, which SUCKS. Our production schedule is to start end of April, beginning of May, and Nicole’s been doing some awesome stuff in Paris these last six months. She’s state side now, but may not be during production, so… we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but it’s not looking good.

We do have a brand new cast member recently added to the series, Katie Howe. She’s funny, very easy on the eyes, and fantastic at improvisation. We’re lucky to have her.

We have some really great incentives, including a special one for all of you APA members, so be on the lookout tomorrow!

Thanks in advance for your support, we really appreciate it!